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Thank you for making a donation to World Spine Care!

Together, we are bringing effective spine care directly to the world's most disadvantaged. Your support is crucial for two reasons:

1. Your donation is essential in funding WSC's many projects, and;

2. Making a donation sends a clear message that the WSC vision is resonating. Demonstrating broad support for the WSC vision is a key factor in creating a sustainable future for our organization.

As a young organization, your donation comes at a crucial time. On behalf of the World Spine Care community, thank you.



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If you would like your donation to be dorected toward a specific project (Botswana, Dominican Republic, Yoga project), please s[pecify in the comments section.




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We apologize for the inconvenience, however at this time we are not soliciting or accepting online contributions from persons residing in Illinois, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia.

World Spine Care can currently issue charitable receipts for donations issued in the United States. We are working to expand our global charitable representation. Your support during this critical period is greatly appreciated.

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